Today I tried to think up ways to use up some things in my fridge. Incidentally, I decided to try to make a shake out of the yuba, but it needed some flavoring. Enter fresh strawberries. Mix with a little honey and voila, smoothie.

Although I wish I kept ice in my freezer to make things a little less dense. It wasn't until recently I began appreciating the use of ice in smoothies. Before I only had poorly-made restaurant smoothies with large chunks of ice. Anyway, I know better now.

Recipe (1 smoothie):

1 small block soft tofu or yuba (tofu skin)
1/4 c soy milk
4-5 strawberries, rinsed then husked
1 tbsp your favorite honey
ice as desired

Toss the yuba and soy milk in the blender, blending until creamy. If it's not thin enough add more soy milk to desired consistency.

Add the strawberries and honey and blend again.

Add ice until desired thickness.

The more ice and soy milk you add, the more this recipe will yield. If you like lots of ice, be sure to have a friend to share with.
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