Christmas starts early in Japan.  Nobody knows or cares about American Thanksgiving so the Halloween decorations are torn down around noon (or before!) on October 31st and the Christmas decorations go up, the Christmas music starts, and the biggest commercial push of the year begins.

Keep in mind the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan is essentially the way Valentine's Day is done in the US, so despite all the music and push, it's a romantic holiday.  It's also technically celebrated on December 24th, with cake and expensive gifts.  You'll find the Christmas decorations torn down and tossed to the curb as early as midnight on Christmas Eve, replaced by New Year.  Why?  You might say it's because New Year is the biggest holiday in Japanese culture.  I suspect is has more to do with milking Christmas and then milking New Year.  Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell!

Merry Consumermas, everyone.
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